Customised services

The offer provided by Terminal Container Ravenna (facilities, equipment, services, technological platforms) combines with its intermodal connections and network of privileged relationships with the main supply chain operators. The package of services dedicated to the needs of specific industries and types of goods make TCR an important strategic partner for shipping lines, thus facilitating the implementation of policies for the coverage of their destination areas and connections programmes.
Through constant investment in equipment and services, TCR can accommodate and respond to the specific needs of shipping companies. International operators can count on a reliable partner whose operations respect the highest safety standards.

High potential for connections with Northern Italy and important European hubs.

Empty container storage in the terminal and immediate availability of any type of container.

Maintenance and repair workshop that ensures fast recovery times in the event of structural problems.

Mobile and fixed spill containment berms for any leakage of material.

Large reefer service area, over 280 plugs, unit pre-cleaning activities and 24-hour assistance and emergency response with a specialized team.

Direct relationship with shippers and transporters to simplify and speed up access to gates and management of loading and unloading operations enabling considerable time reduction.

Internal buildings and areas for goods controls.

Internal procedures that allow safe operation according to the ISO quality, safety, and environment management system.

Synergistic logistics chain with a rear port area equipped with large warehouses for storage and handling of goods.

Ship loading/unloading operations 24/7.

Storage of large quantities of dangerous goods.

Constant investment in new equipment.

Four high-performance cranes available.

670-metre quay that permits the simultaneous mooring of 3 ships of approximately 200 meters in length.