Customised services

In addition to its facilities and its important maritime and intermodal connections, the services provided by TCR allow it to express a great capacity in the management of flows at a national and international level, thus enhancing the development potential of all operators in the supply chain, in a true perspective of partnership.
This combines with specific services for shipping companies such as the dedicated digital shared-management platform which simplifies and speeds up the correct transfer of information and data by simplifying and streamlining the performance of the typical activities of shippers operating in all industries that require an integrated service.

Availability of a covered internal warehouse for consolidation/deconsolidation and storage.

High potential for connections with Northern Italy and important European hubs.

Car loading and unloading activities. Large areas inside and outside the terminal are available for the storage of cars.

Simplified management of customs controls with rapid provision of containers.

Internal procedures that allow safe operation according to the ISO quality, safety, and environment management system.

Customized shared platform to simplify and speed up access to gates and management of loading and unloading operations with considerable time reduction.

Customised solutions created for the specific needs of companies.

Mobile and fixed spill containment berms for any leakage of material.

Empty container storage in the terminal and immediate availability of any type of container.

Maintenance and repair workshop that ensures fast recovery times in the event of structural problems.

Large reefer area, dangerous goods area, dedicated RO-RO area, general cargo, internal container maintenance and repair workshop, empty storage, covered warehouse for storage, consolidation and inspection, internal inspection and customs control area, flexitank and liner bag installation, flexitank heating.